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Watch: Savjz gets wrecked by his own Doomsayer on Turn 3 - Hearthstone

The end is most definitely coming.

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Doomsayer is one of those cards that's gone on a strange journey during the life of Hearthstone. Originally seen almost exclusively in Freeze Mage decks, it has over time become one of the most common tools for fighting back against an extremely aggressive Hearthstone meta, where finishing matches fast is the name of the game.

For the uninitiated, this two-Mana minion has zero Attack damage but a comparatively chunky seven points of Health. If it survives through your opponent's turn, it'll then wipe out every minion on both sides of the board when your next turn begins.

This is great for shutting down aggro decks, which typically can't come up with enough firepower to deal with this early-game threat in one turn. It's good against slower opponents as well, and at worst forces them to “waste” a hard removal spell, just to keep their minions in the game. The Priest's Shadow Word: Pain is a good example.

Last night, however, Hearthstone pro Savjz got a taste of a very different kind of Priest play, one that turned his Doomsayer into a source of game-ending treachery. Here's the clip:

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How did this happen so early on in the game?

The secret lies in a very fortunate Priest hand, as well as the established presence of a Radiant Elemental on the opponent's side of the board. This card reduces the cost of all spells by one Mana, which allows more spells to be played than the Mana limit would otherwise allow.

First of all the opponent casts a free Potion of Madness to pinch the Doomsayer for the duration of the turn. A pair of cheap Divine Spirits then grants the minions 28 points of health, before Inner Fire is cast - voila! 28 points of damage into Savjz's 27 point Health pool, closing the match.

That's some pretty unlucky early-game action - unlucky, of course, depending on your perspective...

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