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Watch: Fatigue Warrior vs Fatigue Warrior match lasts over an hour - Hearthstone

That's an awful lot of armour...

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If you like your Hearthstone matches to be brisk and clear-cut, then it's best to look away now.

At a recent official Chinese Hearthstone tournament the audience were “treated” to a Fatigue Warrior vs Fatigue Warrior match-up that took more than an hour to conclude, and saw one player accrue more than 500 points of Armor.

Here's a clip of the final few moments.

If for some completely insane reason you'd like to watch the entire encounter, we've embedded it for you here. It should automatically start at the correct match, but if you need to skip forward just head to around 6:20 for when the, ah, “action” gets under way.

Do you remember your longest match in Hearthstone? What were you playing? Sign up and post your thoughts in the comment section!

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