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Two free packs and a new Arena ticket added to Hearthstone

New seasonal rewards are now waiting for you in-game.

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A free pair of Frozen Throne card packs have been added to Hearthstone accounts globally as part of the ongoing Hallow's End celebration. This new reward follows last week's giveaway of a pair of packs from the Whispers of the Old Gods set.

As well as these bonus cards for your collection, you'll also be presented with this week's free Arena ticket. Once you've grabbed it, you'll be able to start an Arena run using the exciting new dual-class format, which sees players first selecting a hero as usual, then complementing that pick with an entirely new Hero Power!

Earlier this week game director Ben Brode confirmed that players don't have to use these free Arena tickets for the temporary dual-hero format if it's not to your tastes. You can in fact simply bank them until things return to normal, although to receive the ticket you must actually log in while the event is live.

Hearthstone's Hallow's End event also introduced an exciting new Headless Horseman Tavern Brawl to the game, along with a host of cosmetic tweaks to reflect the Halloween season. The event ends next Monday 6th November at 10:00pm PDT, which is 5am the next day here in the UK and 6am in Europe.

If you're not seeing all these goodies in-game yet, simply exit the client completely and then log back in. They should then appear after the usual intro.

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