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Top Hearthstone Arena players for October announced

Who came out on top in the Americas and Europe regions last month?

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Blizzard has just released the Arena leaderboards for the month of October. Taking top spot in the Americas region was Dell4rpz, while Wakamura proved the best of the best on the European servers.

You may recall that Blizzard recently announced a handful of changes to how the top ten was to be compiled for the months of October and November. Instead of using a player's average performance over 30 consecutive runs to determine their position in the table during these months, the measure has been temporarily reduced to 20.

This is to take into account the recent Hallow's End version of Arena, which disrupts the established format to such a huge degree that it would have rendered the overall monthly stats meaningless. A separate leaderboard for this seasonal event will be produced at some point, with positions based on each player's performance across 15 runs.

With that out of the way, here's how the top tens look for the Americas and Europe regions. For the full list, just head over to the blog post. You can switch between regions using the buttons at the bottom of that page.


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