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This week's Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is Cart Crash at the Crossroads

A Brawl favourite returns this week.

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Hearthstone’s Saviors of Uldum Brawliseum is all done, and it seems that on their way home, our Heroes have struggled with the traffic and had a couple of accidents. Their decks are all mixed up, so they’re having to fight it out with each other’s cards.

As is often the case with Tavern Brawls, you select a Hero at the beginning of the game and are provided with a random deck with both Neutral and Class cards. On turn 1, you’re then told to add another class to your deck, doubling your card pool and slotting in some extra variety to your plays.

It’s a PVP battle, with your opponent in the exact same boat as you, and to keep things slightly spicier for Standard format players, the selection of cards you’re given is the entire set from Wild.

This isn’t a completely new Tavern Brawl, having been seen a few times before in previous years. Even so, we’re having a good time with it, and the usual reward of a Classic pack is awarded for your first win. Go mix up those classes, have fun and don’t take it too seriously.

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