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The best decks for this weekend - June 9th 2017 - Hearthstone

The most popular decks you've been playing over the last seven days.

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With the weekend almost upon us it's time to gear up for some serious ladder grinding and see if we can't bust our way through a new rank ceiling (or two).

To help you pick a deck to get going with, we've highlighted the five most popular decks on Metabomb from the last seven days.

Don't forget to let us know how you're getting on with the ladder this month in the comments.

Control Mage

If you don't mind your games to be somewhat slower than usual, then Control Mage will provide you with a very consistent means of grinding out matches. It won't be for everyone, but it's probably the strongest of this week's non-aggro options.

Secret Mage

Not only is Secret Mage a very solid way of climbing the ladder, it's also comprised entirely of Mage spells. This also makes it an exceptionally brisk - yet still competitive - way of clearing out any related Daily Quests as well.

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Pirate Warrior

We'll be surprised if Pirate Warrior slips out of the top tier of competitive decks between now and the launch of the next expansion. It provides a solidly dependable if rather uninspiring method for smashing through a lot of games.

Murloc Paladin

If you're partial to an aggro archetype but can't stomach another Pirate Warrior game, give Murloc Paladin a whirl. There's a little more strategic finnesse involved, which should help keep things a bit more interesting.

Aggro Token Druid

You'll have games with Token Druid that are over ludicrously early, but for a consistent climb you'll need to plan ahead quite carefully, dodge the most common board wipes, and choose the right moment to buff your board and ensure oblivion for your opponent.

Honorable mentions

If none of the above takes your fancy this weekend, our deck tier list has an up to date appraisal of the entire Hearthstone metagame!

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