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Th3RaT's Rat Race returning for the October reset - Hearthstone

Compete with the rest of the pack to hit Legend first.

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Brian "Th3RaT" Courtade is organising another Rat Race, which will see participants battling to be the first to hit Legend rank. The new event begins when the October ladder reset takes place in the Americas region.

It costs $10 to take part in this special event, and winners will receive a percentage of the overall prize pool raised from entries. The first player to hit Legend takes home 50% of the pot, the second takes 30% and the third-placed player gets 20%.

Once you've signed up, you can take part either online - by streaming your matches on your Twitch channel - or by taking part in the offline component of the event, which is being held at the Californian Esports Arena.

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There's a special bonus on offer for those who take part in the the offline portion of the event as well. Hit Legend there (or achieve the highest rank after 24 hours), and you'll take home $10,000 - that's on top of any other money you might have one for being first, second or third full-stop.

You don't have to take part in the Rat Race to contribute to the pool if you wish, and participants can throw as much extra cash into the pot as they feel like giving.

The event will be streamed over at the Esports Arena's official Twitch stream, so tune into the action over there once it gets under way. Frodan will be on hosting duties for the event.

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