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Tavern Brawl: Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere! - Hearthstone

A new Tavern Brawl is live on all servers now.

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A new Tavern Brawl is now live on all Hearthstone servers around the world. This week sees the return of Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere!

If you were around for The Curse of Naxxramas, then you'll notice similarities between this event and the Hunter's Challenge from the game's first Adventure.

To get stuck into the action this week, you simply need to pick a hero in order to receive a premade deck. This deck will contain a total of seven spells from the class you've chosen, and 23 Webspinner cards. Each time a Webspinner dies you'll get a random Beast added to your hand, so expect a huge amount of variation in your encounters this week.

We're going to start getting stuck into the action later today, but we'd love to hear how you're getting on. What do you think is the best hero to tackle this Brawl with? Let us know what's working well for you in the comments!

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