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Surrender wins the HCT Summer Championship 2017 - Hearthstone

Choose Your Champion card packs to be distributed this week.

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Surrender has won the HCT Summer Championship 2017, taking home a cool $60,000 in prize money as well as his spot at the HCT 2017 Finals which will be held in Amsterdam next January.

Surrender claimed victory in a close-run final against Orange, with the match-up going all the way to five games before the winner was determined.

If you've yet to catch up on the action, you can watch the tournament finale in the video we've embedded below. Results are discussed just after the video embed, so don't scroll any further if you want to avoid match spoilers.

The first match between Orange's Evolve Shaman and Surrender's Tempo Rogue saw Orange go 1-0, before Surrender equalized using the same Rogue deck against Orange's Jade Druid.

Surrender pulled further ahead 2-1 with a Murloc Paladin, before Orange equalised with Jade Druid.

The final mirror match between Highlander Priest saw Surrender ultimately emerge victorious from the lengthy and intense encounter.

The event also marked the return of the Choose Your Champion promotion, which gifts players a number of free Frozen Throne card back based on how far their nominated competitor made it into the tournament. Expect those packs to be added to your account at some point this week.

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