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Site Update - Fatherhood Edition - Hearthstone

We're getting Metabomb ahead of the game a little this month.

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John is Metabomb's Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site.

Hi folks,

You're going to start seeing a lot of the July updates for the Hearthstone section of the site going live over the next few days.

The reason for this slightly early frenzy of activity is that I'm going to be going on paternity leave for a fortnight, starting at some completely random moment in the next week or so (hooray for RNG...)

I wanted to make sure the most important articles on the site were updated and published in time for the new competitive season though. While I'm away, you should be able to find everything you could possibly need from these articles:

As well as our meta reports, I've also been working on making sure our deck guides are updated as well. The most competitive decks are all now tuned for the current meta, and I'll continue updating our other guides right up until I disappear.

While I'm actually off, I've also prepared a number of Wild deck guides in advance, so you shouldn't go more than a day without see something interesting up on the Hearthstone channel!

Apart from this you'll also see plenty of awesome Destiny 2 and Overwatch content from Ed while I'm away.

Have fun!


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  • RedRocket131 #1 3 years ago
    CONGRATS!!!! Thanks for taking care of us before you disappear to the land of no sleep and poopy diapers!! However, I can assure you, he/she will be worth every minute!!!
  • Bedders #2 3 years ago
    @precious2789 Thanks for the well wishes! I see many iPad Hearthstone nights in my future...
  • precious2789 #3 3 years ago
    Congratulations. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to hearing the new baby's (Hearthstone related) name. The joy of Hearthstone is you can play one handed while holding the baby with the other. Good luck.