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Scholomance Card Reveal - Educated Elekk

Elekk-tion season. (Alternative subhead: Elekk-tric Feel)

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In our card reveal for Scholomance Academy, we present to you: Educated Elekk. This smart boi never forgets. Unless he's silenced.

We love the Elekk cards in Hearthstone. Usually focused around shuffling or drawing from your deck, they come through every so often to put a unique spin on the formula.

Scholomance Card Reveal - Educated Elekk

Educated Elekk is the latest elephant friend on its way to Hearthstone's new expansion, Scholomance Academy. Like its contemporaries, it's able to interact with your deck and can be put in any class as a Neutral card.

Augmented Elekk, from the Boomsday Project, was great with cards like Wrenchcalibur (and super fun with Academic Espionage), and the Grand Tournament's King's Elekk was a really solid early card draw for the Hunter class.

This one is more combo-focused though. Educated Elekk remembers every spell cast when its on the board, and shuffles them back into your deck with its Deathrattle effect.

We can see this working with casino-Mage style builds, working alongside Mana Cyclone and the like to create repeated versions of spells and give you loads of fuel to go long into games. Control decks might want this one too - delaying fatigue is vital in control vs control matchups, and getting extra copies of hard removal or board clear spells could prove vital.

The statline is solid as a 3 mana 3/4, just try not to get it killed off before you've cast the spells you want. If your Educated Elekk is silenced, you won't get the spells back into your deck either so make sure you kill it off when it needs to be.

Check out the Educated Elekk below for an idea on how it works!

We'll have all the updates on Scholomance Academy as and when it happens - info on Scholomance Academy release times and all the dual-class cards, as well as deck lists will all be available right here!

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