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Rumour: Warrior dual-wielding leaked on stream - Hearthstone

Will the Undead Warrior pack a pair of blades in Frozen Throne?

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It seems as though the Death Knight version of Hearthstone's Warrior hero will be able to dual-wield weapons, if a comment made by Jeffrey 'Trump' Shih last night is anything to go by.

The comment was made on yesterday evening's stream, during a discussion about the Warrior's upcoming card Forge of Souls. This two Mana spell draws two weapons from your deck and adds them to your hand.

[When the] Warrior Death Knight comes out and you can dual-wield as your Passive, that's going to be so strong," he says before acknowledging Twitch chat's comments about the news of the special Hero card being a leak. Oops...

Here's the relevant clip in full:

Legendary Hero cards are new cards which allow each of Hearthstone's nine heroes to assume an Undead version of themselves, complete with a new hero power (or in this case, what appears to be a Passive ability). You can read up on all the other Undead heroes in our Frozen Throne guide if you want to get up to speed on the rest.

Knights of the Frozen Throne is Hearthstone's sixth expansion, and will be released this Thursday 10th August in the US. UK and European release dates have yet to be confirmed, but expansions typically launch the following day.

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