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Raids are coming to Hearthstone (sort of) - Hearthstone

Gamescom attendees get their first taste of Hearthstone's new feature

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If you've played much of World of Warcraft over the last ten years or so, then you'll be very well acquainted with the concept of raiding. In these epic encounters, groups of up to 25 players gather together in order to fight through an instance, and then take down some of the trickiest bosses the game has to offer.

It looks as though something similar is coming to Hearthstone, but not quite in the way you might be hoping for. At this week's Gamescom event in Germany, attendees will be able to do consecutive battle against the Lich King, who in this case packs around 1,000,000 health points.

Streamer Thijs has the lowdown:

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Truth be told, whittling down a bullet-sponge boss with no multiplayer interactivity doesn't really do an awful lot for us, but it's exciting to see the groundwork for this sort of content being laid. Perhaps down the road there'll be more meaningful teamwork required to overcome these encounters, with different roles for different deck types.

For now, it's believed that Hearthstone Raids will be reserved for Fireside Gathering events only, where players meet up in real-life to do battle against one another - and now bosses. It remains to be seen whether the content will ever move online, however.

We'll keep you updated with more news on this feature, as it emerges from Gamescom.

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