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New 'Your Month in Hearthstone' feature now in testing - Hearthstone

Opt-in feature provides a snapshot of your in-game performance.

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Blizzard is now testing a new feature for Hearthstone called 'Your Month in Hearthstone'. It's a new monthly email alert which not only runs through some of your own stats, achievements and particularly epic moments, but also highlights broader community stats too. The new feature was confirmed on the game's official forums.

You'll be able to share your monthly achievements via built in social media widgets, and you'll also be able to track local Fireside Gatherings. These are community events where players organise to meet up in real life and do battle face to face.

Right now the 'Your Month in Hearthstone' feature is in beta, and is only available in the North America region. Rollout around the world will commence in the next few months, but if you're in America you will need to opt-in if you want a look at the action.

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Here's how you can start participating in the beta of this new feature:

  • Log in to your account as usual via the official site [UK | US]
  • Go to Settings and then select "Communication Preferences".
  • Look for the box that's right by “News and Special Offers from Blizzard” and make sure it's ticked.

Once you've finished with the sign-up process, you'll start seeing these updates in the inbox of your registered email address.

Are you pleased to see Blizzard adding these sorts of sideline features, or is there something else you'd like to see them tackle first? Let us know what you make of this new tool in the comments.

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