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New Warlock Hero Nemsy Necrofizzle coming to Hearthstone soon

Alternate hero portrait will be tied to a Fireside Gathering promotion.

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Hearthstone's Warlock hero will receive its first alternate hero portrait in an upcoming Fireside Gathering promotion. The news was announced on the official Hearthstone website yesterday evening.

In order to unlock Nemsy Necrofizzle the Gnome, you'll first of all need to register a Fireside Gathering over at the official community site. These events provide a framework for players to meet up and do battle in real life, and you'll be able to unlock Nemsy herself by attending one of these gatherings from October 17th 2017 onwards.

To actually add her to her collection you'll first of all need to attend a Fireside Gathering where three unique attendees have logged in locally. Once the event is over, the person who registered it will need to log the event as a Tavern by revisiting the Fireside Gathering site once more. Voila - Nemsy will appear in your collection.

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What if there are no Fireside Gatherings near you though, or you'd rather not meet up with other players in real life? Thankfully there are methods of “spoofing” your client's location in the world, and we hope to have a guide on how to do this for you later on this morning.

What do you think of the latest promotion? Would you rather have been able to purchase Nemsy outright? Do you think they should have chosen an established Warlock character from Warcraft, instead of inventing a new one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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