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New video highlights the most powerful Neutral Legendary cards - Hearthstone

Take a look at this September overview of Hearthstone's most popular cards.

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YouTube creator Hearthstone Mathematics has released a fascinating video that highlights some of the most powerful cards that have been played so far in the month of September.

In their latest breakdown, which we've embedded below, you'll find a snappy overview of the cards that have seen the most play in the competitive game, based on publicly available meta data.

Keep in mind, however, that this month's version includes data from before the mid-month nerf, which will skew the results a little bit.

Despite being tainted by pre-nerf data, the results are pretty interesting nevertheless. Here's the breakdown in case you can't watch the video itself:

  • 10. The Black Knight 5.5%
  • 9. Finja, the Flying Star 6.4%
  • 8. Elise the Trailblazer 6.4%
  • 7. Captain Greenskin 7.3%
  • 6. Medivh, the Guardian 10.0%
  • 5. The Lich King 10.3%
  • 4. Kazakus 12.8%
  • 3. Bloodmage Thalnos 17.4
  • 2. Aya Blackpaw 21.9%
  • 1. Patches the Pirate 30.0%

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Of course a list like this is nothing without a little context, not to mention your own personal preferences when it comes to playing the game.

If Pirate decks or Jade Druid really don't inspire you to play Hearthstone, for example, then it doesn't really matter that the top two cards - Patches the Pirate and Aya Blackpaw - are the only ones to be included in more than 20% of the decks that formed the data set.

If, on the other hand, you like to play a variety of different decks, cards like The Lich King in particular and Bloodmage Thalnos become much more important. You'll simply get more value out of crafting them that way.

Stepping back from personal preferences, however, it is still an interesting way of taking a broader look at the metagame, and which cards are having perhaps a problematic influence on the shape of Hearthstone's competitive scene.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for October's review, which will shine light on the meta a little more clearly once the pre-nerf period is extracted from the stats.

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