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New Daily Quests coming to Hearthstone - Hearthstone

We've got the lowdown on all the new quests headed for the game.

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A new series of Daily Quests are headed to Hearthstone, according to information datamined by the Hearthpwn team a little earlier on this week. Significantly, there'll be a new Daily Quest tied specifically to winning Tavern Brawls – hopefully one that only triggers when a Brawl is actually active – and a new series of quests that require you to play with a specific Hero.

Here's the list of new quests in full:

  • Everybody! Get in here! Win 5 Tavern Brawls – Rewards: 60 Gold
  • Druid Victory – Win 3 games with Druid – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Hunter Victory – Win 3 games with Hunter – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Mage Victory – Win 3 games with Mage – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Paladin Victory – Win 3 games with Paladin – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Priest Victory – Win 3 games with Priest – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Rogue Victory – Win 3 games with Rogue – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Shaman Victory – Win 3 games with Shaman – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Warlock Victory – Win 3 games with Warlock – Rewards: 50 Gold
  • Warrior Victory – Win 3 games with Warrior – Rewards: 50 Gold

The new Hero-specific quests will certainly have you playing a wider roster of characters in the game. Is that a good or a bad thing though? Other, similar Daily Quests at least give you the option of picking from one of two different Heroes. You might find it hard to hoover up your Gold quickly if you've focused on a very narrow band of Heroes.

Do you like the changes? Do you think Blizzard needs to go further with shaking up the gold systems of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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