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Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards - Hunter - Hearthstone

Updated! Every Hunter card from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

Here are all of the Hunter cards that have been revealed for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan so far. We'll be adding all of the new cards to this gallery as and when they're unveiled by Blizzard.

If you're looking for Neutral or other class-specific cards, don't forget to check out the links below. We've also got everything you need to know about the new expansion in our massive Mean Streets of Gadgetzan guide - have fun!

Update 15th November: We've added three new cards to our Hunter gallery this morning.

- Knuckles is a 5 Mana 3/7 Legendary Beast which also hits the enemy hero after attacking a minion.

- Rat Pack is a 3 Mana 2/2 Beast which summons a number of 1/1 rats equal to the minion's attack when it dies.

- Don Han'Cho is a 7 Mana 5/6 Legendary with a Battlecry that gives a random minion in your hand +5/+5.

Pleased about the fresh crop of Hunter cards? What do you think this will do for the class in the Gadgetzan metagame? We'd love to hear what you think about all of the new developments in the comments!

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  • Bedders #1 6 years ago
    Hey folks, sorry for not answering any of your comments before. I took a long weekend after working BlizzCon flat-out so am just getting on top of things this morning.

    I've added the new Hunter cards that were revealed while I was away, so have a look through the gallery for the latest!

  • Thimns #2 6 years ago
    @Lokojet assuming the piranhas are beasts they'd give good synergy with most of hunter's beast triggers. Itd make a guaranteed houndmaster activator granted a few turns too late or an easy play with kill command. Or even some fodder to buff scavenging hyena. Still I can't see it getting much use in constructed, at least not given the cards we've seen so far.
  • Lokojet #3 6 years ago
    How can we make the Piranha Launcher playable? any idea?
  • Lokojet #4 6 years ago
    That Kodo seems to be really good!
    If well buffed, a great minion and good damage to deal.