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Kobolds and Catacombs Release Date & Start Time - US, UK & Europe - Hearthstone

All the launch details you need for Hearthstone's seventh expansion.

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The confirmed release date for Kobolds and Catacombs, with expected start times in the US, UK and Europe.

We've just had the exact launch times confirmed by Blizzard.

  • Americas: December 7th at 12:00pm (PST)
  • Europe: December 8th at 5:00am CET
  • Asia: December 8th at 9:00am KST

While you wait for the action to start, make sure you take a look through all of our guides to the new content. From Dungeon Run tactics to the next meta-busting decks, we've got you covered!

  • Dungeon Run Guide - Our guide to all the bosses you'll face, and tips for building a better deck.
  • Best Decks - We've already got a good idea of the top decks that will emerge early on, and have guides for playing each one.
  • Kobolds and Catacombs - Want to know everything about the expansion, from Spellstones to Legendary Weapons? Check out this hub.

Note that all information beneath this point is based on pre-release speculation.

Kobolds and Catacombs: UK and European Launch Date

Although Blizzard hasn't outright confirmed that the next release will be staggered, it was revealed in a recent interview with Metabomb that the tech to enable a simultaneous global release was still being worked on. Previous expansion launches have seen issues with server crashes and card rarity issues, after all, which explains why a partial rollout is preferred

That interview only took place yesterday, so it seems safe to assume that the UK will once again be left trailing behind the US. As a result, you can expect the UK and European launch dates for Kobolds and Catacombs to be more like 3:00am on Friday 8th December.

Kobolds and Catacombs decks

While you wait, we've been busy cooking up an ever-growing list of deck guides for the new expansion. Check out the following links if you want an early look at the likely Kobolds meta that's starting in just a day or so from now.

Kobolds and Catacombs: Overview

Here's a quick overview of what's coming with the new expansion if you're just getting up to speed.

  • A new roguelike Dungeon Run mode which sees you battling against eight bosses randomly selected from a pool of 48! You'll have to craft your deck as you go, and select various upgrades.
  • 135 new cards spread across all nine heroes and the Neutral card pool.
  • A Legendary Weapon for every hero! (Even those who traditionally can't wield them.)
  • A new Spellstone card for each hero that grows in strength as certain conditions are met.
  • A brand new mechanic for the game in the form of Recruit! This allows you to directly drag certain cards from your deck pile and onto the board for free.
  • Special Unidentified Items which gain an extra effect as they travel from your deck pile and into your hand.

For more on the upcoming expansion, make sure you check out our absolutely enormous Kobolds and Catacombs guide. You can also hit the links just above for deep dives into the new kinds of content coming to the game in just over a week from now.

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