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Kobolds and Catacombs is Hearthstone's next expansion

New cards, mechanics and roguelike adventure coming to the game next month.

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Hearthstone's next expansion is called Kobolds and Catacombs. The news was confirmed during the opening keynote ceremony of this year's BlizzCon fan-gathering in Anaheim, Los Angeles.

Kobolds and Catacombs will be released at the start of December and thematically returns the game to the roots of monsters, treasures and traps.

As well as adding the usual fresh dollop of cards to the collection pool, Kobolds and Catacombs will also introduce Legendary weapons for all nine heroes in the game - even those who traditionally cannot wield them!

The expansion will also add a new mechanic called Recruit. Recruit cards allow you to pull minions from your deck pile and onto the game board directly. We expect to learn more details about this new keyword in the Hearthstone panel taking place later on this evening.

A new roguelike single-player component will also be added to Hearthstone with the upcoming expansion.

Dungeon Run will see players set out with ten cards which they'll need to use to defeat a boss. If successful they'll then be given three more cards to take into the next encounter. Defeat all eight randomly selected bosses and you'll beat the dungeon, but fail even once and you'll be sent straight back to the beginning of a new run.

Ahead of the expansion launch, all players will receive new card Marin the Fox this coming Monday. Those who attend BlizzCon this year, or signed up to watch using a Virtual Ticket, will receive a Golden version of the card.

BlizzCon runs until Saturday 4th November, and we'll be bringing you all the latest Hearthstone and Overwatch news as it breaks at the event.

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  • Bedders #1 5 years ago
    @Phoenix4217 Hello! Sorry I took a short-notice holiday after an exhausting BlizzCon so I'm only just now getting caught up on things. I did run a quick separate Marin the Fox article with some deck suggestions - hope you stumbled across it!

    I think in terms of power-wise it's quite deliberately there as a bit of fun between now and the next expansion. I'm prepared to be proved wrong but unless there's more supporting cards I think this is just a sop for the community.
  • Phoenix4217 #2 5 years ago
    @Bedders Just a suggestion, you might want to make the free Marin the Fox its own "Free Legendary" post so people know about it and don't miss it.
    Also is that today Monday, or next Monday? I'm excited to mess around with the new card!
    Also, what are your thoughts on the power level? Personally, I'm thinking "Battlecry: +400 dust/meme", but not sure yet.