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Is a co-op mode coming to Hearthstone? - Hearthstone

Datamined info hints at a two-player boss encounter.

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Hearthstone players have long requested a cooperative mode from the game's developers, and a few nuggets of information data-mined by the fine folks at Hearthpwn suggest that some kind of two player encounter might well be on its way.

The text hints at a combat encounter with Gearmaster Mechazod, with Lorewalker Cho making an apperance at some point as well. Mechazod himself is an NPC in the Borean Tundra region of World of Warcraft, a region introduced with the game's Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

With the Grand Tournament taking its thematic queues from the Argent Tournament element of the very same expansion, it doesn't seem at all impossible that we'll be fighting together as soon as next week – in one small element of Hearthstone at least.

Here's the complete list of information that has been harvested from the game's data files, broken down into direct quotes, and ability summaries.


  • I will cleanse you bot hof the Curse of Flesh!
  • Well done! You've defeated the boss together. Both players win!
  • Defeat Gearmaster Mechzod together to win!


  • Damaging a hero.
  • Destroying highest attack minion
  • Throwing 3 bombs.
  • Damaging all other characters.
  • Gaining 2 attack.
  • Dealing damage to both heroes.
  • Silencing Lorewalker Cho. Permanently.
  • Target board full. Clearing target board.

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