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How to fix Hearthstone's freezing and white cards issues

Workaround temporarily solves a handful of showstopping bugs.

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If you're just logging into Hearthstone since the latest patch went live, you might have noticed a few problems with your game client.

Many players - including all of us here at Metabomb - have issues with the client freezing when trying to start a game, and cards appearing with white portraits in the My Collection section of the interface.

Here's how our hard-earned card collection looks this morning:

While the cause of the problem is not yet currently known, the good news is that there's a temporary workaround you can make use of. While Blizzard works on a resolution for the problem, try this fix out - it worked for us straight away!

Freezing and white cards workaround

  • First of all, fire up your launcher, click on the Blizzard logo and then select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, scroll down to Game Settings until you find the section related to your Hearthstone installation.
  • Look for the section marked Text and Spoken Language and change it to English (US). When that's done, click Done.
  • When you do this, you'll be forced to download a very small language pack update, but when it's over you should be able to hit Play and just enjoy the game as normal.

Has that done the trick for you? If you're still having problems you're encouraged to post the details over at the Technical Support section of the game's official forums. Hopefully an automatic update is in the works and will be deployed to the client shortly.

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  • Bedders #1 3 years ago
    @hrth11233 You're welcome and I hope you'll stick around!
  • hrth11233 #2 3 years ago
    I created an account just to say thank you for this article. Blizzard have a post saying to "change the language" but were not clear on it being specifically the in game text/spoken language. Much obliged.