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Hotfix applied for Shadowreaper Anduin hero power delay - Hearthstone

How long can this go on?

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If you've played against a few Hearthstone Priests recently and found Shadowreaper Anduin's Hero Powers refresh to be painfully slow, it's not you it's the game.

The recent release of Patch 9.2 introduced a bug which adds a significant delay to gameplay whenever Shadowreaper Anduin's Hero Power is refreshed. Close followers of the meta will understand why this is proving to be such a problem.

So-called Highlander Priest is one of the most popular Hearthstone decks in use right now, and sees the hero making repeated use of the alternate hero power provided by Shadowreaper Anduin in order to dish out game-ending burst damage.

A fix is about to be applied though, according to a recent post by developer Mike Donais.

"We are currently deploying a Hotfix to fix the speed of Shadowreaper Anduin's hero power," he wrote on the official Hearthstone forums.

"It slowed down in the patch yesterday. I don't know exactly why since I am not one of the engineers that fixed it, but it sounds like it is a side effects of the Unity upgrade we did. We have to rebuild some things when we do a Unity upgrade."

The problem should be gone the next time you log into the game.

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