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Hearthstone HGG Cheer rewards and qualifying dates confirmed by Blizzard

Earn card packs and a custom HGG card back for cheering on your favourite players.

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Further details of the HGG Cheer programme - which we reported on last week - have now been confirmed by Blizzard, including the rewards on offer for taking part.

HGG Cheer is designed to allow players following the Hearthstone Global Games to use Twitch's Bits currency to show appreciation for particularly impressive tournament plays.

The more Bits you spend in total, the flashier your emotes become in Twitch chat.

Competitors receive a share of the revenue generated whenever Bits are spent, but players will also receive rewards for participating in HGG Cheer. The following rewards were confirmed in an official blog post yesterday evening:

1Common Emote Pack300
24 Classic Packs600
3Rare Emote Pack800
44 Classic Packs1000
52 Witchwood Packs1200
6Epic Emote Pack1400
72 x Boomsday Packs1600
8Legendary Emote Pack1800
9Get in Here Bundle2000
10Special Cardback2500

In addition to the personal rewards outlined above, there'll also be a collection of milestone community rewards to work towards. The first of these four rewards - 2 Boomsday packs - has been confirmed, with more to be revealed in the coming weeks.

To take part in HGG Cheer you'll first of all need to connect your Blizzard and Twitch accounts. Once you've done so, simply head over to the official Twitch stream while the HGG tournament is running, and use the Bits chat icon to start the cheering process.

As for the cost of maxing out your personal rewards, an enterprising Redditor has run the sums and calculated that spending 2500 Bits to unlock the final Tier 10 reward would cost $34 in total. That works out at $1.42 per card pack, with a custom card back thrown in as well.

HGG Cheer runs from 17th September to November 4th.

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