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Here's how many Choose Your Champion packs you've earned - Hearthstone

The number of packs you'll receive based on who you picked in the tournament.

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If you were wondering how many free Frozen Throne packs you're due to receive as part of this weekend's Choose Your Champion promotion, an industrious Redditor has pulled together all of the information you need.

The Choose Your Champion scheme allows you to pick one competitor taking part in a qualifying Hearthstone tournament. The better they do in the competition, and the closer they get to the final, the more free packs you win.

Surrender and Orange proved to be the most profitable picks this time around, with both players meeting in an epic final that ultimately saw Surrender take home the top prize of $60,000. If you backed either of those two, you can expect four free packs to be added to your registered account at some point during the next few days.

The reigning Hearthstone champion Pavel was a hot favourite for many taking part in the promotion this time around, but eventually fell to finalist Orange at the quarterfinal stage. Pavel pickers are therefore in line for two packs.

Here's the complete breakdown of packs per finalist:

1 Pack

  • Amyks
  • Cocosasa
  • Nalguidan
  • OmegaZero
  • SHRoyalBaiZe
  • Trunks
  • uya
  • YAYTears

2 packs

  • Empanizado
  • OldBoy
  • Pavel
  • Tom60229

3 packs

  • Purple
  • OMJasonzhou

4 packs

  • Surrender
  • Orange

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