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Hearthstone's latest balance patch nerfs some of the strongest decks in the meta

A handful of very welcome changes.

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Blizzard has announced nerfs to five cards which will be going live later on today. It’s an update which it believes will “improve the long-term health of both Standard and Wild”.

It’s also unusually early for a balance patch, with Blizzard opting to roll these changes out sooner than expected to allow more time for user feedback.

Here’s an overview of all the changes:

By increasing the mana cost of both of these cards, Blizzard hopes it will make them more difficult to fit into strategies which don’t directly take advantage of ramping mana.

Blizzard’s recognised this card’s role in the dominance of Odd Paladin, so it’s removal from the deck should make it easier to play around.

These changes to Saronite Chain Gang makes playing multiple Shudderwocks in a game much more difficult. Blizzard wants it to exist as a powerful one-turn effect, rather than a reoccuring nightmare.

A direct nerf to Kingsbane Rogue’s late game by making the Lifesteal effect only active for one turn - nice.

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