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Hearthstone: Witchwood Grizzly's art will be changed in an upcoming update

Other cards to be re-classified into tribes too.

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A new post on the official Hearthstone site has revealed the developers' plans to update the art for Witchwood Grizzy art, and also classify certain other cards into the game's tribal system.

In the case of Witchwood Grizzly that means giving the highlighted creature a more physical feel, so as to make it just a little less spectral and befitting of its status as a Beast card. Here's a before (left) and after (right) shot for comparison:

As for other cards in the game, both Molten Giant and Mountain Giant are to be classified as Elementals going forwards. As well as providing some additional fuel for Elemental-orientated decks, the developers feel that these characters of stone and fire epitomise the Elemental class.

Witchwood Piper is the first satyr added to the game, and the team feel this card better belongs to the Demon class of cards. North Sea Kraken will be classified as a Beast in the future, while Jungle Moonkin is to have that same categorisation removed.

If you were hoping to cash in on a dust refund or two when the changes go live, you're in for a little disappoiontment Blizzard took the opportunity in the post to reiterate its position that these minor changes do not represent a significant enough update to warrant a refund.

A date for these changes has yet to be confirmed by Blizzard, but will reportedly arrive in “an upcoming update.”

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