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Wild Heroic Tavern Brawl coming tonight - Hearthstone

Prepare your wallets for battle.

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A new Tavern Brawl is due to hit Hearthstone in just a few hours from now, and once again it's time for the wallet-gouging Heroic Brawl to make its decidedly expensive presence known.

Things are a little bit different this time around, however.

If you do choose to fork over either 1,000 of your hard-earned Gold coins or $9.99 in US currency, you'll have the option of building a Wild deck for the duration of this event. That means you'll have access to every single card from the entire history of Hearthstone, assuming it's in your collection of course

Once you've paid your entrance fee - and as with previous Heroic Brawls - you'll be locked into using one single deck for the duration of every run you understake. Like Arena, the aim is to reach the maximum twelve wins, but if you lose three games in total your attempt at glory will come to an end.

There's a big incentive for reaching that win cap though. At twelve wins you'll receive a stonking 50 Journey to Un'Goro card packs, along with more Gold than you paid to enter, more than 1,000 crafting dust, and a handful of Golden Legendaries. Different reward levels are available for different levels of success, but that's the upper limit

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Truth be told this kind of Brawl is probably best avoided unless you're either very, very good at the game or you have deep in-game - or real-world - pockets. Plenty of the game's most famous streamers will be sampling the action though, and we'll be bringing you details of all the most successful deck lists they opt for over the coming week.

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  • Bedders #1 3 years ago
    We've just started our round-up of 12-win decks from the pros by the way -
  • Bedders #2 3 years ago
    @fanap Yeah it sucks if you're leaning on Brawls to build out a basic collection. I might at least do a video round-up of the best runs so people can enjoy that while they wait for the next one.
  • fanap #3 3 years ago
    Ugh, can't I just do regular Tavern Brawl? What a pain.