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Welcome Bundle revealed - Hearthstone

Get ten Classic card packs and a guaranteed Legendary for a special low price.

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Blizzard has just lifted the lid on a new promotional offer coming with the next content update. Known as the Welcome Bundle, it exists as a means for new (and, yes, old) players to get their hands on a nice chunk of Classic card packs for a knock-down price.

Specifically, you'll be able to get 10 Classic packs, as well as a Classic Legendary, randomly selected from a pool of nine, for $4.99 - not a bad deal at all, we think. We're assuming you also have the chance to grab Legendary cards from the packs themselves, in addition to the guaranteed drop.

We do know from promotional material used by Blizzard that Grommash Hellscream (Warrior), Archmage Antonidas (Mage), Cenarius (Druid), Prophet Velen (Priest), Tirion Fordring (Paladin) and King Krush (Hunter) are all up for grabs as part of the nine Legendaries.

That leaves Rogue, Shaman and Warlock unaccounted for. Assuming there's one top-tier, class-specific Classic Legendary per Hero, we'll go right ahead and speculate we'll also see Edwin VanCleef (Rogue), Al'Akir the Windlord (Shaman), and Lord Jaraxxus (Warlock) added to the mix.

There's no release date for this new promotional offer yet, but we'll update the story as soon as we find out more. Oh, you'll only be able to take advantage of the Welcome Bundle once per account, so don't get carried away with thoughts of buying ten of the things!

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