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Welcome Bundle and Arena card changes now live - Hearthstone

Plus, we get a sneak preview of an upcoming new Priest Hero!

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A new patch has just become available for the Hearthstone client, one which not only introduces a handful of features we already knew about, but also reveals a new Priest Hero!

First though, let's go through what we were expecting. The Welcome Bundle is now available as a one-time purchase in the Hearthstone Shop, and provides you with ten Classic card packs and a guaranteed class-specific Legendary from the set for $4.99 (£3.99 over here in the UK).

Next, the Arena pruning. Blizzard has now eliminated more than 40 cards across the majority of the Hero-specific drafting pools in order to re-balance overall Hero viability in the format.

Basically, some very bad cards have been taken from the pools of the worst performers in order to increase the chance of getting good ones instead. The opposite, however, has happened to those deemed to be relatively overpowered in Arena. This is apparently just the start of Blizzard's work in this area.

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That's not all though! We've also got our first look at a character called Tyrande Whisperwind. She's a cosmetic replacement for our old friend Anduin the Priest, and will become available to acquire/purchase in an upcoming promotion that's yet to be detailed. For a closer look, go into the game, then My Collection, then right-click on her greyed-out image in the Hero section.

The patch also prepares some of the upcoming card backs you'll be able to earn. Here's how you can add each one to your collection.

Rewarded for acquiring Tyrande Whisperwind
Legion Card Back: Rewarded for achieving Rank 20 in September
Pie Card Back: Rewarded for achieving Rank 20 in October

Last but not least, here are the official patch notes which detail most of the above, along with a few quality-of-life improvements for the game.

  • A few deck recipes have been updated.
  • Certain cards will no longer be selectable in the Arena.
  • If you accept a Friendly Challenge while editing a deck, your deck-building progress will now be saved.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause gameplay to slow down after using the new Adventure restart feature.
  • Golden C’Thun and Mounted Raptor can now be crafted or disenchanted.
  • Medivh’s Valet can now be properly crafted or disenchanted.
  • [Tablet] Resolved an issue that could prevent the on-screen keyboard from opening.
  • Fixed some audio, graphical, and UI issues.

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