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Hearthstone update 16.0.5 nerfs Shaman - doesn't touch Rogue

Is this the shift the meta needs?

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Hearthstone is being patched to change the power level of the Shaman class, as well as making a few changes to Battlegrounds.

At 6pm UK time, we’ll be seeing changes made to the Hearthstone metagame in an attempt to balance things out after Galakrond Shaman emerged as a ridiculously powerful deck. Here’s the changes to look out for.

Hearthstone Update Nerfs Shaman - but will it be enough?

In the recently posted 16.0.5 Balance Update, put on Blizzard’s forums by Community Manager Kurt Ocher, four cards in standard format have been tweaked. These changes aim to target the Shaman class, with three cards from Thrall’s gang taking a hit, as well as one extremely commonly used Neutral card.

Here are the changes we’ll be seeing:

  • Corrupt Elementalist - Now costs 6 Mana (up from 5)
  • Sludge Slurper - Now has 1 Attack (down from 2)
  • Faceless Corruptor - Now has 4 Attack (down from 5)
  • Mogu Fleshshaper - Now costs 9 mana (up from 7)

You’ll be able to disenchant these cards for their full value for two weeks from the patch, so make sure you keep Golden copies for this.

Hopefully, this’ll make the meta slightly more balanced, although the developers’ decision to avoid changing Necrium Apothecary has left some players worried for Rogue’s power level in the upcoming meta. We’ll keep you updated on our Deck Tier List though, so bookmark that page for the latest.

Battlegrounds Changes

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is also receiving some changes. Murlocs got buffed last time around, and it turns out their power level went a little overboard, so we’re seeing them nerfed a bit. A couple cards are being moved into lower Tavern Tiers though, so there’s a chance we see more people playing The Boogeymonster or Mechano-Egg in the future. The biggest change is probably the removal of Nightmare Amalgam from the mode, which could force people into choosing more precise team compositions. Here’s the full list below.

  • The Boogeymonster - Moved from Tavern Tier 5 to Tavern Tier 4
  • Mechano-Egg - Moved from Tavern Tier 5 to Tavern Tier 4
  • The Beast - Moved from Tavern Tier 4 to Tavern Tier 3
  • Coldlight Seer- Moved from Tavern Tier 2 to Tavern Tier 3
  • Primalfin Lookout- Moved from Tavern Tier 4 to Tavern Tier 5
  • Nightmare Amalgam - Has been removed from the pool of available minions
  • Brann Bronzebeard - Has been removed from the pool of available heroes
  • Bartendotron - Has been added to the pool of available heroes

That’s all for our updates! We’ll be keeping our Hearthstone Battlegrounds and Deck Tier Lists updated to ensure you’re doing these changes right, so keep a close eye on them and check out our Hearthstone deck guides too! The changes made should boost Highlander Secret Hunter and Deathrattle Rogue, so it’s worth giving them a go.

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