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Hearthstone Tournament & eSports Calendar - September 2016 - Hearthstone

The first edition of our ongoing guide to the best of Hearthstone's competitive scene.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

Welcome to the first edition of our Hearthstone Tournament Calendar! We've not covered Hearthstone's eSports scene in great detail before - preferring to focus on the everyday experience of life on the ladder - but we enjoy enough of the competitive scene ourselves to realise that it's about time we started making at least some progress on this front.

The way we'd like to get this working at first is pretty simple, really. We know there are loads of minor events that take place every day of every week, but for now we want to focus on the biggest Hearthstone tournaments that are taking place during any given month. This should help you find the very best eSports action that Hearthstone has to offer, featuring the biggest names in the game.

As the start of each tournament approaches, we'll create a separate hub page that you can access through links that we'll add to this very page. Within these hubs we'll have details of everything going on at the tournament in question: how to watch it, who won which match and against whom, which decks they used to make it through (or not...), and how the standings for the tournament look. We'll also make sure there's video-on-demand where it's available, so you can catch up on any matches you might have missed.

Now, depending on the time of the day any given match takes place, it may take a little while to get all of this information together - we're a small operation in just one part of the world, after all. We think though that we can make this into a really useful resource that will help you get up to speed on how the major tournaments are playing out, and enjoy watching the action live or after it's all wrapped up.

We don't currently have the means to let you contribute to a wiki of upcoming tournaments, but we do need your help in making sure that this remains the most relevant resource for staying on top of the biggest Hearthstone events. We've included the significant matches we're aware of, but if you know of a major event that you think should be included here, please let us know in the comments so we can add it in!

This is an exciting new area for Metabomb, and so we're looking forward to reading your feedback as we get things up to speed in the weeks ahead. Expect a good deal more activity as we approach the 18th September, and the Americas Summer Championship rolls around...

Hearthstone tournament schedule - September 2016

Here are the most significant Hearthstone events we're aware for the month of September. As each tournament approaches, we'll add links to our competition hub pages so you can track the progress of each one.

Official Tournaments

DateDayTimeTitleRegionEvent hubPrize Pool
17th SepSat17:00HCT Americas Summer ChampionshipAmericasPendingUnknown
18th SepSun17:00HCT Americas Summer ChampionshipAmericasPendingUnknown
24th SepSat17:00Europe Summer ChampionshipEuropePendingUnknown
24th SepSat17:00Europe Summer ChampionshipEuropePendingUnknown

Unofficial Tournaments

DateDayTimeTitleRegionEvent hubPrize Pool
18th SepSunVariousPGL Bucharest Tavern Tales 2016BucharestPending$25,000
VariousN/AN/AWESG 2016 Hearthstone Regional QualifiersGlobalPendingUnknown

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