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Hearthstone: The Witchwood launch times - US, UK, Europe and Asia

When The Witchwood goes live, wherever you live in the world!

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This page contains Witchwood launch times for the US (PDT), UK (GMT), Europe (CEST), Asia (KST) and China (CST) regions.

A new Hearthstone expansion is painfully close to going live in the game, and The Witchwood will add 135 new cards, a sprinkling of new keyword mechanics, and even a new cosmetic Druid hero when it goes live later on today. Those of you waiting for Monster Hunt will have to wait another two weeks or so for the new single-player mode to go live, however.

When does The Witchwood launch though? Thanks to a tweet made by the Hearthstone team last night, it looks as though we're getting a near simultaneous global release this time around. The times quoted in the tweet below are given as the time the rollout should be finished by, so it's possible there's still some regional staggering to take into consideration as the servers are updated:

When you do log into the game later on today, you'll receive a random Legendary class card completely free of charge, as well as three Witchwood card packs just for showing up. Don't forget as well that if you've been completing quests for those bonus packs throughout April, you'll be able to open any Witchwood packs you've acquired then as well.

Here's the official expansion trailer which should give you a pretty good taste of what's in store when the new content goes live tonight!

If you need some inspiration on what to play when the Witchwood launches, make sure you take a look through our huge guide to the best Witchwood decks. We've got more than 20 such decks ready for you to get stuck into, and we'll be adding to the list - and updating each one - regularly throughout the launch window and long beyond!

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