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Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows release date confirmed

The first Hearthstone expansion of 2019 hits the servers in just a few weeks' time.

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Our Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows release date page confirms the release date for the first Hearthstone expansion in 2019.

Rise of Shadows, the next Hearthstone expansion - and the first in the game's Year of the Dragon rotation - will be released on Tuesday 9th April 2019. The news has just been confirmed in an official announcement by the developers at Blizzard.

Hearthstone expansion have come to enjoy simultaneous global launches over the last eighteen months, and it appears that this time around players all around the world will be able to get stuck into the new content on the same day.

Rise of Shadows sees two competing factions, the League of E.V.I.L. and the Dalaran Defenders go to to. Each class in Hearthstone will be assigned as a member of one of the two factions. As well as the usual 130+ new cards to craft or collect, a handful of new mechanics are also being added to the game.

Members of the League will have access to something known as “Callback Cards”, which include a keyword or card flavour which hark back to their representative's first expansion appearance. They'll also gain access to Scheme cards, which grow in strength as they sit in your hand across multiple turns.

As for the Defenders of Dalaran, they'll be able to make use of something known as Twinspell cards. Once cast, an extra copy of the card will be added to the player's hand, and they can make use of it again at any point during the remainder of the match (think Echo, but without the same-turn limitation).

Our Rise of Shadows guide has more detail on what to expect when the Rise of Shadows launches on April 9th 2019.

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