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Hearthstone player completes card collection for $1900

Reddit post highlights the cost of acquiring every card in the game.

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If you've been wondering just how much it costs to complete - and we mean truly complete - your Hearthstone card collection, then we have a new estimate of the total cost thanks to a Reddit user who's just done precisely that.

Through a mixture of Amazon Coin promotions and direct purchases from Blizzard, Redditor frogbound estimates that they've spent €1600 on the game, which translates to approximately $1900. All Golden cards unlocked from packs were converted straight into crafting dust, which was then used to help craft any missing cards.

There are still some unknowns involved here, of course. In the post, frogbound explains that they try to keep up with Daily Quests (which provide currency for purchasing card packs), swapping 40 Gold quests for 50 Gold or better wherever possible, and they also attempt to complete each week's Tavern Brawl. The reward for this is another Classic card pack. There's also the issue of the small Gold reward that's granted every time you win three games.

Despite those uncertainties though, it's interesting to discover just how much money is involved in maxing out your card collection at this stage of Hearthstone's life. With three full expansions now being released each year, that cost is only going to escalate over time.

While a full collection is certainly pricey, it's worth noting of course that not all cards are required to enjoy every competitive deck list in Hearthstone. Many cards are either under-powered in a relative sense, or are only really useful in non-competitive gimmick decks. Other Neutral cards are used in multiple decks as well.

How much have do you reckon you've spent on Hearthstone over the years, and do you believe it still represents value for money? Let us know what you think of frogbound's achievement in the comments!

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