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Hearthstone patch live now - Hearthstone

Adds a new card back and improves Spectator Mode and Mimiron's Head.

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The latest Patch for Hearthstone has just gone live and introduces some welcome changes to the way Spectator Mode works, adds some extra cosmetic flair to Mimiron's Head, and also includes the latest card back.

That new cosmetic backing is called the Lunar Card Back, and you can add it to your collection by achieving Rank 20 or higher in February. There's not too long to go until the season ends, but we've got some inexpensive aggressive decks in our Deck Guide section which will help you make light work of the challenge.

The most welcome bit of news though relates to the improvements to how Spectator Mode works. From today, you'll no longer be dumped out of the mode after the end of a friend's match. Instead you'll be whisked straight over to their next game without having to faff around in the game's rather clunky menus.

Finally, Mimiron's Head has been given a new animation to make it a little more majestic. A small collection of bug-fixes round off the patch features – head over to the official Hearthstone site to read them all.

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