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Hearthstone Patch 10.2 nerfs Patches, Corridor Creeper, Bonemare and Raza

Re-balancing patch to be released in February.

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On this page you'll find details of all the Hearthstone 10.2 nerfs, affecting Patches the Pirate, Corridor Creeper, Bonemare and Raza the Chained.

UPDATE - 6th February 2018

The new round of card nerfs is now live in Hearthstone with the deployment of Patch 10.2. We will be updating the site to account for the new meta changes over the coming days, and you'll find all the details of what's new in our original story below.

ORIGINAL STORY - 30th January 2018

The next round of card nerfs have been confirmed by Blizzard in a blog post on the game's official site. The confirmation follows a recent tease by game director Ben Brode that card adjustments were in the pipeline.

In a patch due to be released next month, the following cards will be reworked: Bonemare, Corridor Creeper, Patches the Pirate and Raza the Chained.


Bonemare is a dominant card in both ladder play and the Arena. Not only does it provide a huge impact in its own right, it's also a Neutral card which means it sees far too much play across many decks.

Once the patch has been activated, the card will now cost eight Mana, rather than seven. Team 5 believes that increasing the cost in this way will allow the other player to make use of strong late-game cards to counter Bonemare's impact.

Corridor Creeper

Corridor Creeper is receiving perhaps the most drastic nerf of all. Again, its status as a Neutral card is the most problematic aspect of its design, and here at Metabomb we've seen it creep (no pun intended) into just about every deck.

To counteract its strength, the future version of Corridor Creeper will only be capable of dishing out two points of damage - down from five - in its vanilla, un-buffed state at least.

Patches the Pirate

Although Patches the Pirate will be departing Standard play with the next set rotation that's due in April, he's taking a swing of the nerf bat to prevent him from polluting the Wild ladder.

He'll no longer be able to attack on the turn he's played from next month onwards, removing some of the extreme power and utility he provides in the early-game.

Raza the Chained

The re-working of Raza the Chained sees the Hero Power cost increased from zero to one. This is intended to reduce the power level of the card when used in conjunction with Shadowreaper Anduin - and hopefully tune down the speed of that machine-gun play.

Again, although Raza is moving out of Standard in April anyway, it was felt better to make this change rather than have the card be problematic on the Wild ladder going forwards.

Dusting nerfed cards

When Patch 10.2 goes live next month, you'll be able to disenchant all of these cards for their full Arcane Dust value. Note that you'll only have two weeks to dust the cards if that's what you wish to do.

Our recommendation is that you dust away, as you can always re-craft the cards without penalty if they turn out to still be powerful and popular once things have settled down.

Patch 10.2 has not yet been dated, but will be released at some point in February.

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  • Bedders #1 3 years ago
    @calvertfan Yeah Cubelock's going to run riot. Be interesting to see how things look in a couple of weeks (given the new pack bundle news, I'm guessing the patch goes live tomorrow)
  • calvertfan #2 3 years ago
    Raza nerf is welcome, and can understand the rest (even if they all apply to my current tempo rogue deck), but the proliferation of warlock decks running voidlord is the biggest problem in the meta right now imo