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North Sea Kraken revealed - Hearthstone

New late-game card for The Grand Tournament unveiled.

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As part of its ongoing tease for the new content arriving with Hearthstone's Grand Tournament expansion, Blizzard has revealed the next in a long line of new cards that are coming to the game.

Named North Sea Kraken, this feisty fishing fighter represents a nine-Mana, 9/7 minion on the board. Stats-wise it's not the most powerful vanilla creature in the game - particularly for a late-game gambit - but that Battlecry represents a significant removal option, and might just be enough to swing the tide of popularity in its favour (no pun intended).

What do you think? Can you see yourself making room for the North Sea Kraken in your deck of choice? Let us know in the comments section below

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  • Ayanama #1 6 years ago
    Well,you have to make an impossible decision,do you want to BGH this,or leave it for potential Rag or some other next level shit
  • King_of_Hyrule #2 7 years ago
    BGH makes this pretty much impossible to play in constructed, just like the other 9 mana 7+ attack cards, but a pretty decent option in arena IMO.