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Hearthstone: Milled cards will appear in the history sidebar "fairly soon"

Mike Donais confirms development of the long-requested feature.

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Although Hearthstone's UI does a pretty commendable job of conveying game state information, there's one area that has been noticeably lacking since the game launched nearly five years ago.

While the sidebar keeps a running commentary of how minions have been destroyed and what cards have been played, cards that have been milled are not included.

Cards are milled when your opponent has the maximum number of cards they can hold in their hand, and you then force them to draw more cards through cards like Coldlight Oracle. Play the Oracle and the two cards pulled from the top of the opponent's deck will be burnt to a crisp. The idea is to chomp through their key cards by repeating this process.

The good news is that in response to a Reddit post highlighting the problem as evidenced in a recent Mill Rogue vs Fatigue Warrior match between Dog and Fibonacci, senior developer Mike Donais has confirmed that the issue will be addressed in a future update.

In response to the original poster who asked when milled cards would be added to the sidebar history, Donais replied with a short but very sweet: “We will [add it] fairly soon”.

It's not hard to see why it's taken a little while for the team to prioritise this feature. Mill decks are relatively complex to play to a consistently high standard, and we've never really seen one break through into the highest tier of the competitive metagame.

Historical mill information can be incredibly valuable in these sorts of match-ups though, and so we're pleased to see Blizzard at least acknowledging the problem and promising to remedy it - even if “fairly soon” in Blizzard-speak can mean rather a long time.

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