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Karazhan gameplay footage - Hearthstone

Our first look at the Silverware Golem fight from the upcoming Adventure.

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Blizzard has just released the first gameplay footage from Hearthstone's upcoming Adventure: One Night in Karazhan. In it, we see a Mage player face off against the first enemy of Karazhan's Parlour Wing, the Silverware Golem.

It's a pretty fun looking fight, with the Golem taking advantage of a Hero Power called Be Our Guest which introduces a 1/1 plate minion onto the board for free. This can be furthered bolstered in strength by other cards in the Golem deck and he wields a spoon weapon too! Watch carefully and you'll also notice the Golem has access to class-specific cards like Nourish, Shield Block and Slam. Interesting...

During the match you'll see the Mage play a few new cards including Barnes and Firelands Portal. Both these cards bring a little something extra to the table when they're played.

One Night in Karazhan is released on August 11th - take a look at our comprehensive Karazhan guide for more details on what to expect when it arrives.

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