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Hearthstone iPhone screenshots - Hearthstone

Your first look at the true mobile version of the game.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

As well as announcing next month's Blackrock Mountain Adventure at Pax East today, Blizzard has also lifted the lid on the delayed iPhone edition of the game.

We managed to capture a few quick images from the stream today. Have a look at the screenshots below for an idea of how this truly mobile version of the game will look when it's released in the near future.

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  • GealachNua #1 7 years ago
    @Bedders Don't forget to ask about all that gold too.
  • Bedders #2 7 years ago
    @King_of_Hyrule No confirmation on that as far as I'm aware, but I'm actually interviewing Eric Dodds at the end of the coming week and will add that to my list of questions.
  • King_of_Hyrule #3 7 years ago
    Any idea with which iphone models this will work? Seems like it should be easy enough to use on a 6+ and perhaps a 6 but might be too small to properly use on my 5s?
  • Bedders #4 7 years ago
  • GealachNua #5 7 years ago
    Hey, does the iPhone version come with 25,000 gold and 20 unopened packs, like in the first screenshot? That would be a good incentive...