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Hearthstone hotfix tweaks Patch 10.4 Arena changes

Less Legendaries, more below-average cards will show up in the drafting process.

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This one passed us by at the end of last week, but if you're firing up an Arena run this morning you might notice that things are ever so slightly less nuts than they have been since 10.4 went live just over a week ago.

10.4 introduced a number of changes that affected the Arena drafting process. No longer would you be faced with a choice of an amazing card versus two dreadful cards - something which makes the whole process a bit pointless. Instead, cards of a similar power level were presented together, forcing a more strategic, considered draft.

It was generally considered to be too good a change, however, with far too many Legendaries showing up and The Lich King being disproportionately represented (appearing in some 9% of decks, according to the various stat trackers out there).

To alleviate this problem, Blizzard announced and deployed a hotfix to the game over the weekend, making the following changes:

  • Legendary picks now show up less often than they did before, full stop.
  • Below average choices now show up more often.

The team have pledged to continue tweaking the system until it feels just right. Hopefully they have everything nicely tidied up before they become preoccupied with the next expansion, The Witchwood.

The next expansion adds 135 new cards to the game, a couple of new mechanics and a new Monster Hunt single-player adventure. Check out our Witchwood guide for the full lowdown on what to expect when the new content goes live next month!

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