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Hearthstone expansion teaser hints at League of Explorers return

Full details to be revealed on Monday 1st July.

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The first teaser trailer for Hearthstone's August expansion has been published by Blizzard. In it, we see Togwaggle back at Lazul's lair, peering at a new stack of cards.

Here's the - brief - trailer in its entirety:

As the first card is lifted we get a quick burst of the League of Explorers theme tune, followed by a full blast towards the end.

Those of you have been playing the game for a while now will remember that League of Explorers was Hearthstone's fifth expansion, released in November 2015 - and rapidly after its BlizzCon announcement earlier that same month.

The card set introduced the infamous Reno Jackson, who restored your health to full if your deck contained not a single duplicate. Brann Bronzebeard was another popular deck tool, triggering all Battlecries twice while he was out on the board.

Perhaps we'll see these characters - and others - return in the next expansion! Expect to learn more on Monday 1st July, when the first real details of the upcoming card set will be announced.

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