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Quest mechanic for Journey to Un'Goro leaks - Hearthstone

Give me a Quest...

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Quest cards are indeed coming to Hearthstone, and were confirmed in this evening's Journey to Un'Goro announcement video.

Here's the first one:

When you complete this Quest, you'll be rewarded with Amara, Warden of Hope:

Journey to Un'Goro coverage:


It looks as though the next Hearthstone expansion - widely believed to be The Lost Secrets of Un'Goro - will include a new "quest" mechanic for the game. The rumour has emerged as a result of a card leak, which is reported to be part of the next set (thanks Reddit).

The leaked art of the card in question is extremely blurry but appears to go by the name of Amira, Warden of Hope. This is an 8/8 minion with Taunt, and a Battlecry effect that sets your hero's Health value to 40. The "Reno effect" may well live on into the next expansion, it seems...

The original source of the leak has since been deleted, but Metabomb understands that the card is not collectible in the traditional sense. Rather, it will be awarded to a player once they've completed an associated quest, such as playing a certain number of cards from a given category.

Another poster in the same Reddit thread claims that the new questing mechanic will require a player to put a Quest card into play in order to begin the mission. Once the objective is completed, the card becomes available.

This is all firmly in the region of rumour and speculation right now, but we're expecting to hear a little more about the Lost Secrets of Un'Goro expansion later on today. Stay tuned for all the latest updates as they break.

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