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Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain FAQ - Hearthstone

Everything we know so far about the Blackrock Mountain Adventure.

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Blizzard has just announced the Blackrock Mountain Adventure for Hearthstone. Here's a quick run-down of everything we know so far.

  • The Adventure will cost 700 in-game Gold or $6.99 per wing. You can buy all wings outright for $24.99
  • Blackrock Mountain will be released in the next month
  • There'll be a total of 5 wings in the Adventure, containing a total of 17 bosses
  • The first wing is based around Blackrock Depths and will star the Dark Iron Dwarves
  • Blackrock Depths will contain three bosses: Grim Guzzler, The Arena and the Dark Iron Emperor
  • There will be 31 new cards added to the existing pool
  • You'll receive a card for beating each boss and for clearing each wing. There will also be cards associated with class challenges, as in the Naxxramas Adventure
  • A new game board themed around Blackrock Mountain will be released
  • The new Adventure is themed around the Dragon class of cards
  • There will be three new card backs: one for ranking above 20 in the release season, one for pre-ordering the Adventure, and another for beating all bosses on Heroic mode
  • You'll be able to pre-order the expansion on the 19th or 20th March, depending on your region
  • As soon as you pre-order the Adventure, you'll gain access to all wings as they're released, and receive the pre-order card back immediately

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