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Balance changes will see 7 cards nerfed in patch 6.1.3 - Hearthstone

Big changes in the pipeline for some old - and new - favourites.

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Blizzard has announced plans to nerf a number of Hearthstone cards that it feels currently unbalance the game and make tournament and ladder play less fun.

The changes are coming with Patch 6.1.3 and the following cards will be affected.

Rockbiter Weapon will now cost two Mana instead of one. Tunnel Trogg and Totem Golem were considered for the nerfbat, but they'll be rotating out of Standard relatively soon.

Tuskarr Totemic: In future, this card will only be capable of summoning the Shaman's basic Hero Power totems. No more free Mana Tide Totems or Totem Golems for you.

Call of the Wild: You'll now need to spend nine Mana to cast this incredibly powerful Hunter spell. Not an unexpected nerf by any means.

Execute: Too cheap, according to Blizzard, and so when the patch lands this card will be increased in cost from one Mana to two.

Charge: Cheaper in the new patch, but minions given the effect will only be able to attack other minions - not the enemy Hero - on the turn it's granted.

Abusive Sergeant: A stat nerf here, with the minion's own attacking power reduced from two down to one.

Yogg-Saron, Hope's End: Yogg's the last card up for a reworking. Quite simply, if this minion casts a spell that destroys, silences or transforms it - or returns it to your hand - then the spellcasting series stops dead in its tracks. In another upcoming patch, any Overload penalties caused by the spell flurry will be correctly applied to Yogg's owner.

Blizzard hasn't provided a firm release date for the patch, but states it will go live before the Last Call events for the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

What do you make of the changes? Too far? Not enough? Let us know what you make of all this in the comments as always.

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  • Bedders #1 4 years ago
    @Lokojet I haven't had a chance to really think about this properly, mainly because as I said earlier I'm not hugely experienced with Yogg deck, but also because the start of every month is incredibly busy on Metabomb!

    That said, if I look back on my own experiences of playing Yogg decks, I struggle to think of a huge number of occasions where the card would have been affected by these changes. Or I wouldn't have lost anyway. Or it still wasn't just one big old crapshoot to glory whatever the outcome.

    My gut says that decks that are spell-heavy will always want to find room for Yogg, despite these nerfs because. OK it might get punished sometimes and your comeback mechanic fails, but as "screw it" comeback mechanics go it's still pretty good. You just might not want to lean on it for a tournament final!

    Maybe I'm wrong. Like I say I'm not the most qualified person to make this call. As far as Metabomb is concerned I will probably still include the card in those guides it features in, and wait to be proved wrong - this is going to require a lot of games played - across the community - for this to be decided I think.

    Not very helpful that, is it? :-)
  • Lokojet #2 4 years ago
    So now guys, what do you think will be the replacement for Yogg in the current different meta decks?
  • Bedders #3 4 years ago
    @JohnTS676 I think the Yogg change is - first and foremost - a tournament nerf, rather than for the benefit of anyone reading Metabomb.

    I seem to remember around two years ago the first Blizzcon finals ended really awkwardly in terms of RNG and non-interaction. Last year it was the Grim Patron Warrior nerf right before the finals if I remember correctly.

    Blizzard does not want to see games, played on its biggest stage, determined by players sat there with their arms crossed, waiting to see what the game feels like doing internally. It's dreadful for legitimising Hearthstone as an eSport.

    Instead, they've made pros more fearful about putting Yogg in their decks, while still retaining the flavour of the card for us mere mortals. It was only ever meant to be a last-roll-of-the-dice comeback mechanic I'm guessing, but its fundamental synergy with spells made it too tempting.
  • JohnTS676 #4 4 years ago
    I think yogg has been treat a little bit harshly, the RNG around him is its own balance IMO, sometimes it completely swings things in your favour by wiping their board, hitting them in the face for some damage and giving you some extra minions to boot... And at other times when you really need to at least balance the match it can just randomly kill you outright with a pyroblast to your own face.

    I think I've had maybe 2 games that I play him and I actually come out on top, the majority of my yoggs generally always kill themselves (or end up a 1/1, 0/1, etc) and I think for you to spend most of the game keeping a stable board whilst fuelling him only to summon him and first (and only) spell to be an assassinate on himself is pushing the RNG way more towards your opponent, not even gonna be worth wasting the 15 mins in a casual/fun game with him anymore, I've seen him die/silence/bounce from his own effect way too many times already. Ok maybe I can see the point of the nerf triggering when he bounces himself but the death/silence/transform triggers have just ruined him completely IMO
  • Lokojet #5 4 years ago
    Great Blizzard decision.
    I'm still not sure what's the future of Yogg Saron because the probability to interrupt him could be low. Maybe too risky to include him in competitive decks, just for fun?
  • Bedders #6 4 years ago
    Yep, pretty much agree with your assessment there. I like Tuskarr Totemic from a thematic point of view and I'll be sorry to see him - largely - disappear. You're spot on about Abusive Sergeant I think as it's the tempo/surprise component that adds his value.

    I'm not the most experienced Yogg player but I think he'll still have his place. All in all I think Blizzard have done a pretty respectable job of tweaking these cards, rather than trashing them. I think this should work out quite nicely.
  • Klck #7 4 years ago
    OK, so i will start:

    Rockbitter - still auto included in every aggro.

    Tuskar totemic - will prolly became unplayable.

    CoW - still 2x in every hunter expect for face.

    Execute - still very strong and auto included.

    Charge - will be unplayable.

    Abusive sergeant - im not sure here, prolly still 2x in zoo. His burst effect is much more relevant than body.

    Yogg - also not sure here, imo unplayable anymore.