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Hearthstone announces Descent of Dragons - offers 5 free Legendary cards

The game keeps dragon on.

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At BlizzCon, Descent of Dragons was announced, along with a whole bunch of cards and keywords.

Dragons are the order of the day, appropriately. Descent of Dragons has released with slightly lackluster fanfare as Blizzard attempts to quietly forget about the company's recent Hong Kong controversy. Since Hearthstone was the game that kicked it all off, the presentation wasn’t as emphatic as many of the company’s other announcements.

Anyhow, let's dig in.

We saw a bit of context for what to expect from the expansion, including the cinematic trailer, shown below.

We received a brand new Keyword - Invoke.

Invoke offers upgrades to the new Hero card, Galakrond. He can upgrade to three stages, finishing at Galakrond, Azeroth's End, which allows you to draw 3 cards that all cost 0 mana. All 5 EVIL classes - Rogue, Warlock, Warrior, Shaman, and Priest - get a version of Galakrond. New players will receive a free copy for each and every class upon logging in for launch.

Each class will receive their very own Legendary Dragon, as well as a Dragon Breath spell that offers extra utility if you've got a Dragon in hand.

Along with the new expansion, a new auto-chess style game mode, Battlegrounds, was announced. It'll be coming out on December 10th.

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