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HCT Summer Championship 2017: Schedule, results, stream and deck lists - Hearthstone

Our complete guide to the imminent HCT Summer Championship!

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Our HCT Summer Championship 2017 guide contains deck lists, match schedules, stream information and results.

The final stage of the 2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT) takes place in California this weekend, and it's shaping up to be a bit of a belter. Sixteen players from all around the world will be competing for their piece of a pretty impressive $250,000 prize pool, as well as a limited spot at the Hearthstone World Championship. Lots to play for, in other words, and so you can expect the lot of them to be playing at their very best.

In our complete guide to the HCT Summer Championship 2017, we've got a schedule of who's playing who and when, how the competitors have been separated into individual groups, a stream so you can follow all the action live along with us, and a results page to stay on top of how the tournament's playing out. We'll be tucking details of the latter behind spoiler tags, so nothing gets ruined for you if you're catching up on all the action out of hours.

On that front, we'll also try to track down any video on demand (VOD) that shows up so you can watch any matches you might have missed out on. If there's anything else that you'd like to see added to this article, just let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to accommodate it when we next update our guide nearer the start of the tournament.

HCT Summer Championship 2017: Schedule

The HCT Summer Championship 2017 matches will take place from Friday 13th October to Sunday 15th October. Here are the start times for the event on each day:

  • Friday October 13th (Group Stage): 8:30am PDT / 4.30pm BST / 5.30pm CEST
  • Saturday October 14th (Group Stage): 8:30am PDT / 4.30pm BST / 5.30pm CEST
  • Sunday October 15th (Playoffs): 8:30am PDT / 4.30pm BST / 5.30pm CEST

HCT Summer Champions 2017: Results

Here's a table of match results which will be updated as and when matches conclude.

Hover over the Score column to see the result.

Friday 13th October 2017

Group matches

Player 1ScorePlayer 2

Winner matches

Player 1ScorePlayer 2

Saturday 14th October 2017

Group matches

Player 1ScorePlayer 2

Sunday 15th October 2017


Player 1ScorePlayer 2


Player 1ScorePlayer 2


Player 1ScorePlayer 2

HCT Summer Championship 2017: Stream

All of the action will be streamed over at the official Hearthstone Twitch channel. Casters will be paired for the event as follows:

  • Brian Kibler and Dan "Frodan" Chou
  • TJ Sanders and Nathan "Admirable" Zamora
  • Simon "Sottle" Welch and Alexander "Raven" Baguley

Here's the Twitch embed if you'd like to watch it right here on Metabomb!

HCT Summer Champions 2017: Format

The tournament finals will be conducted on the basis of a single elimination playoff within each group. There'll be four players in each group, and each match will be a best-of-five encounter using the Conquest format.

This means that players must win three games in their match-up using a different deck each time. Players cannot use the same winning deck twice, but a player can use a losing deck more than once if they wish.

There will be a single hero ban system in place as well, which means that each player actually needs to bring four different decks to the tournament, in case one of their heroes is banned by their opponent.

Players will know which classes their opponent has available to them, but they won't know which class has been picked for any given match-up until both players have selected their deck.

HCT Summer Championship 2017: Participants and Groups

There are sixteen players taking part in this tournament, and they've been separated into four distinct groups. Here's how the competitors are being matched up against one another.


HCT Summer Champions 2017: Prize Pool

There's a total of $250,000 in prize money up for grabs during the event. Here's how the prize money will be allocated amongst the participants:

PositionPrize Money (USD)Points
3rd / 4th$20,00010
5th - 8th$12,5008

HCT Summer Championship 2017: Deck lists

Blizzard has published details of every HCT Summer Championship deck list over at the official tournament site. Check out what each player's fielding from that page.

We'll be highlighting the deck lists used by the top four players on Monday morning, so you can have a mess around with the best tournament decks for yourself!

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