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Hagatha's return confirmed in new Hearthstone expansion teaser

Plus, Dr. Boom seems set to appear in a future announcement.

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Yet another teaser for the upcoming Hearthstone expansion was published on the game's official YouTube channel yesterday evening.

In it, the Fortune Teller from the Old Gods era talks of a witch joining the team, as well as a fairly obvious reference to Dr. Boom in the second couplet.

Here's the video itself, along with a transcription of the words from the Fortunte Teller:

The cards see a heart that is stony,

And a totem that's all kind-a bony,

This witch in such danger,

Will soon be no stranger,

'Cause she's gonna be our new crony.

We welcome you into this room,

And we promise your enemy's doom,

Just one more who's comin',

The last one I summon,

Is a fella who make things go boom.

This third trailer follows on from an original that set the scene, and a sequel that clearly hinted at the return of King Togwaggle.

More information about Hearthstone's first expansion of 2019 is expected in the very near future, be we already know that the upcoming era will be known as the Year of the Dragon.

There's also a much bigger single player adventure in store for us, one that will play out across the entire year of expansions.

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