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Get a free Classic card pack as Blizzard launches its Gift system - Hearthstone

Free packs for everyone!

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A new gifting service has been added to the desktop game launcher, and to mark the occasion Blizzard is giving away a free Classic card pack to every Hearthstone player.

In order to grab the item on PC, simply fire up the launcher and then look for the new Gift icon which you'll find right next to your name. You have until the end of this year to claim the item before it vanishes for good.

If you play Hearthstone on mobile and don't have access to a PC with the launcher installed, you can head over to the official site to claim your free pack from there instead.

What if you want to buy a friend some packs as a gift though? Easy. Simply open up the Shop tab on the launcher, select the Hearthstone product you want to purchase, then select the Gift option which is just beneath the payment icon. You'll then be prompted to select your friend's BattleTag.

This new gifting service is the latest in a long line of recent updates to the client. Earlier this month a number of social features were added to the app, including an overdue Offline Mode which allows players to enjoy Blizzard games without being disturbed by friend requests.

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